Direct Sales Marketing – Creating Success in Your Direct Selling Business

There is no doubt in the minds of many that there is an economic down as of this writing. That said, there is also an increasing popularity of direct selling. So we can all expect as result that we will be receiving more invitations to direct selling home party demonstrations. That said, for you to succeed I have chosen to discuss a matter that is costing rather than making many persons involved in direct selling opportunity many a dime – Verbal Diarrhea!

I always thought that phrase in one ear and out the other to be really funny. I guess its just a kid thing cause you see these visual images…ok ok!

One of the most frequently asked questions by direct sales representatives is “How can I in direct sales book appointments and get them to hold? Party Plan Pat is here to offer you some direct sales help. Lend me your ears!

Your potential customers often express opinions and stories in every conversation. These opinions and stories hold the keys to fantastic opportunities that are laid out for our use. The problem is that while these stories are being told, we often allow our minds to wander focusing on when you are going to make the sale or worse still worrying about how to seem natural to get the sale. how to sell my business

You see the hidden secret to direct selling success stories is learning to capitalize on the opportunities is to Listen on purpose. My friend, coach and mentor Ann Sieg, a.k.a The Renegade Network Marketer would always say to me “Kagwiria, You cannot give information until you get information!”

There is a very simple mind game that can be played while listening that will assist in maximizing each bit of information that is expressed as you go about your direct sales recruiting.

Are you serious about your direct sales opportunity? I thought so, Great! OK then I must tell you about the 3 vital skills that must be developed by direct sales consultants
in order to become an accomplished Listener.

#1. Visualize: Not don’t imagine them in their underwear, that only works for public speaking and creepy sleazy guys! Visualize what is being said Remember that your client is expressing information that will assist you in accomplishing your goals later on in the conversation. These memories are important to your client and if they are important to you, this will serve as a foundation for your success.

#2. Listen to body language There are a couple effective tools to remember about body language. 95% of communications is non-verbal. Studies have shown that up to 95% of a message is conveyed through nonverbal actions. Therefore, just because you SAY what you mean, this does not guarantee that the message is accepted in the same manner. Nonverbal cues could completely change the meaning that is taken by receivers of the message. Refrain from leaning back and crossing your arms in front of your chest. This will give the perception of being bored or having a closed mind. It is also important to maintain eye contact without staring. It is wise to occasionally catch the Speakers eye and then break the contact with a polite nod of your head. This shows that you are interested and paying attention.



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