How to Choose the Correct Foundation Color for Your Skin

Every woman on earth has her own look and with it her own beauty. As we all know, women and even men has used makeup since the beginning of our existence. We are fortunate enough to live in a world where the makeup industry has evolved dramatically where there are many different products to use. But it must be said that the key to flawless skin starts by applying the correct foundation to your skin.

Not all types and color foundations will be perfect for each any everyone. Therefore it’s very important that you find the perfect foundation type and color for your skin. To begin you must know where you’re going to buy your foundation. These days you can buy makeup from almost any kind of store. You will find cheap bargains from grocery stores and even pharmacies, but the best place to buy your makeup are from specialized makeup stores. These stores have trained makeup artists who can assist you in choosing the correct foundation colors and the correct types for your specific skin type.

Your skin type should be the first thing you should look at when deciding on which foundation type you’re going to use. Take a look in the mirror or ask a consultant to know in what condition your skin is in. Is your skin very dry? Or does your skin tend to be very oily? It is also possible that your skin can be oily and sometimes dry. It’s sometimes difficult to know in which category you fall so it’s better to ask a professional makeup artist.

Once you’re sure which type of skin you have, you can move on to decide on which type of foundation you’re going to choose. Choose a hydrating foundation when your skin tends to be dry and flaky. When your skin tends to be oily then it’s best to choose an oil controlled foundation. There are also very sensitive foundations that are perfect to use when your skin has acne problems. There are many people who have combination skin and then it’s best to choose a balanced foundation that caters for oily and dry skin.

Most women make the mistake to wear makeup when they go and shop foundation. When choosing a foundation color its best not to wear any makeup because it might clash with another color. It must be said that you have to first choose your skin tone before you choose the correct foundation color. ground anchors denver

If your skin tone is pale then it’s best to choose a more rosy foundation while a more yellow foundation works best for darker skin. There are so many different foundation colors because even people from the same race can have completely different skin tones.

When you choose which color is best for you, choose three shades closest to your skin color. Then apply the three shades below each other right above your jaw line. Most makeup artists believe that the skin right above your jaw line is the color that will suit you the best. Most women make the mistake to apply the foundation on their hands or wrists but it not the ideal place to determine the correct shade. It’s sometimes a bit of a fuss but it’s best to go outside the makeup store to see how well your foundation looks on your skin in natural sunlight. The important rule to keep in mind is that it should look like your makeup is wearing you.Then you simply choose the foundation shade that completely blends in with your skin color

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